Full Home Inspection $295


  • Standard Home/Condo Inspection and Report w/ Summary
    • Note: Condos I do inspect the outside even though it is the associations responsibility.  I have found too many issues that could affect you should the association not be willing to fix the issue.
  • Electrical outlet analysis
  • Quick thermal image scan for insulation/water issues
  • Carbon Monoxide testing (Check for leaks in a cracked furnace heat exchanger)
  • Check any areas of concern for moisture
  • Explosive Gas testing at all visible gas pipe joints


Additional Inspection Fees

Additional Furnace or Water Heater $50 on full inspection


Thermal Image Walk Through – $50 first hour, $30 each additional hour (Hour is plenty)

This can be very helpful for the curious home owner.  Whether it be about your insulation, finding exterior stud structure, leaks around windows, or water pipes in walls.  If there is a heat difference then this can help find it.

Since this is a thermal scan to get the best results it is best when hot or cold out and there is a large difference in the inside outside temperature.  If looking for pipes or electrical overheating then those can be likely found in any weather.

Most homes can be easily walked through in an hour.

If you have other concerns at your home that you would like an opinion on please feel free to call.